Acclaimed DJ Colin “Phnm” Rebey discusses his favorite places in Chicago, including Lou Malnati’s in Lincoln Park, where this video was shot. Rebey also reveals why he chooses to live in Chicago as a working artist, and previews what he has coming up next.



Hosted by Jaime Black and filmed/produced by Leyla I. Royale for Dynasty Podcasts x Choose Chicago @ Chicago Made.

In between interviewing artists and industry at Lollapalooza 2014, the Dynasty Podcasts team of Jaime Black and Leyla Royale sampled the culinary offerings at Lolla’s official Chow Town vendors. Find reviews of dishes from TuscanyGraham ElliotFranks ‘N’ Dawgs, KamehachiStella Barra Pizzeria, and Cheesie’s below.

Friday, August 1st, 2014


Tuscany: Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich
The Chicken Parmigiana, from Chicagoland staple Tuscany, was a satisfying and substantial selection. Loaded with a healthy dose of slightly sweet marinara sauce, the sandwich was served on a mini french bread loaf, with a slice of somewhat melted parmesan cheese. A proper take on classic Italian comfort food, sized to serve as a meal on the go. -JB


Graham Elliot: Lobster Corndog
Served with a haphazard mayo drip and featuring green onion pieces scattered on top, this corndog was an adventurous take on American fair food. The outside was crispy and reminiscent of fish and chips, while the breading’s inside was reminiscent of corn bread. One might expect only a bit of lobster, as it is outdoor fest food, but the Graham Elliot special was loaded with a pleasant serving of shredded lobster. -LR

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014


Franks ‘N’ Dawgs: Truffle Mac n Cheese
The only disappointing part about the truffle mac from Franks N Dawgs was that the serving wasn’t larger. A rich and creamy sauce compliments the rich cheese flavor here, with the white truffle oil giving this after school staple a more grown up taste. If the festival size offering was a little larger, it could make a great midday meal to help make it through the long hot Lolla days. As it stands, this was a better than average appetizer. -JB


Kamehachi: Vegetable Seaweed Wrap
A pleasant surprise at an outdoor music fest. Instead of the fried, greasy offerings one is used to outdoors, these six pieces of sushi – containing shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, carrots, & cucumbers – were light, cool and refreshing. The cold and slightly wet mushrooms complimented the sweet crunch of carrots, as well. -LR

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014


Stella Barra Pizzeria: Pepperoni Pizza
One of the larger culinary offerings at the festival, Stella Barra’s generously sized personal pizzas barely fit on the plates they were served on. Loaded with a generous helping of pepperoni, the crispy, crunchy thin crust pizza was light on sauce and large on taste. Best of all, the pizzas being served were being handed out right out of the oven, making for a refreshingly fresh festival meal. -JB


Cheesie’s: The Caprese
This grilled cheese from Cheesie’s – one of the best late night drunk food spots in Lakeview – was surprisingly not especially melted. The Caprese sandwich contained a few slices of mozzarella, thick tomatoes, and little pieces of basil. Though Caprese sandwiches generally aren’t melted, one would expect a bit more from a grilled cheese restaurant. On the upside, the sandwich – flanked by crunchy, buttery bread – was generously sized, with each half of the sandwich about the size of a hand. Though still satisfying, dining in at Cheesie’s is sure to offer a more ideal experience. -LR



– By Jaime Black & Leyla Royale for Dynasty Podcasts


Over the weekend, the Dynasty Podcasts team of Jaime Black and Leyla Royale once again hit the festival circuit for Choose Chicago and Chicago Made, this time at Lollapalooza 2014. Recording backstage, Chicago’s first ever and longest-running music podcast caught up with local Lolla artists Gemini Club and Into It. Over It. Also on the mic is street artist made good Shepard Fairey, in town behind his Art Alliance: The Provocateurs residency, as well as Chicago film directors Austin Vesely and Elijah Alvarado, both of whom contributed visuals to Chance The Rapper‘s headlining set. Find those interviews below.



Gemini Club


Dynasty Podcasts veterans Gemini Club check in backstage on the first day of Lollapalooza 2014. The group discusses finally making it to the Lolla lineup, and shares details about recording their debut album with Red Bull in LA. The members – Tom Gavin, Gordon Bramli, Daniel Brunelle, and Ryan Luciani – also discuss expanding beyond Chicago over the last year, and reflect on their beginnings as a band.




Into It. Over It.


On the second day of Lollapalooza, Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It. returns to Dynasty Podcasts, following his last appearance at CMJ 2012. Weiss shares his thoughts on being associated with the “emo revival” conversation in the press, and details what’s happening with his other musical ventures, Their / They’re / There and Pet Symmetry.




Shepard Fairey


Backstage on day two of Lollapalooza, renowned artist Shepard Fairey sits down with Dynasty Podcasts to talk about his high profile art exhibit event, Art Alliance: The Provocateurs. Fairey reveals how his collaboration with Lollapalooza came to be, and shares why he chose Chicago for this type of show.




Austin Vesely X Elijah Alvarado


On the last day of Lollapalooza 2014, Chicago filmmakersers Austin Vesely and Elijah Alvarado discuss their work creating visuals for Chance The Rapper’s headlining set at the festival. The pair also look back at the start of their work with the Chicago rapper, and reveal other projects they’re currently working on.



– By Jaime de’Medici & Hillary Bauer for Dynasty Podcasts


Earlier in the month, the Dynasty Podcasts team of Jaime “Black” de’Medici and Hillary “Leyla Royale” Bauer were on the ground in Austin, TX, at SXSW, recording interviews with Chicago’s premier creatives, artists, and industry, for the Dynasty Podcasts Network. Recording took place at the Chicago Made booth at the SXSW trade show inside the Austin Convention Center, the Chicago Made official showcase at Red 7, and more. Produced in part with Choose Chicago and Illinois Entertainer, a selection of those interviews can be found below.


The Uprising Creative


Brian Schopfel, now of The Uprising Creative discusses that company’s recent merger with Chicago’s Eyes & Ears agency. He talks about what has and hasn’t changed with the merger, and the accessibility that comes from having offices in LA, London, and Chicago. Schopfel also reveals the history of the merger, as well as the future of their upcoming projects.





Chicago MC Probcause talks about his performance at the Chicago Made SXSW Showcase and how it feels like coming home after being on tour. The rapper also delves into his origins as Probcause & his work as a visual artist, as well as the role Chicago plays in his music being discovered.



Archie Powell & The Exports


Archie Powell of Archie Powell & the Exports opens up about the group’s upcoming album Back in Black. The frontman shares his thoughts behind the unhinged new songs, as well as SXSW’s value as an environment to connect with friends old and new.



Music Dealers


Dynasty Podcasts connect with Eric Sheinkop of Music Dealers to discuss his new book, Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World’s Smartest Brands, as well as his presence at the SXSW Chicago Made meet up, showcase, and trade show booth. The Music Dealers CEO also shares his thoughts on Chicago as an emerging hub for technology and music to help build a new creative community.



Martin Atkins


Martin Atkins talks with Jaime Black about his work in the music business department at SAE Chicago, as well as his connection with students in bringing them to SXSW to assist at the festival. The musician/instructor also discusses his presence at the Chicago Made trade show booth, his panel at SXSW music, and how he aims to mentor to the next generation in the music business.





Singer-songwriter Nina Ferraro of Bonzie discusses her beginnings an artist, dating back to performing at the Taste of Chicago at age 12. The teenage artist also reveals what keeps her in Chicago, the reception around her album Rift into the Secret of Things, and how she got involved with the Chicago Made showcase at SXSW.


Now that the dust has settled from last night’s incredible Chicago Made SXSW Music Showcase at Red 7, here’s a list of additional “official” SXSW artists from Chicago to keep in mind while planning your schedule the rest of the week (or to listen to at home, for those not in Austin). For more local artist previews, day party and showcase details, check out’s insider guide to Chicago at SXSW.


Now that the dust has settled from last night’s incredible Chicago Made SXSW showcase, here’s a list of additional “official” SXSW artists from Chicago to keep in mind while planning your schedule the rest of the week (or to listen to at home, for those not in Austin). For more Chicago artist previews, day party, and showcase details, check out’s insider guide to Chicago at SXSW.


A short video clip of KSRA‘s great performance at the Chicago Made trade show booth, SXSW, March 9, 2014.

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The Chicago Made crew commissioned renowned Chicago street artist/installation artist/video artist/musician, Chris Silva to create the look of Chicago Made. Here’s a time-lapse video featuring the making of this work. The video also features music by Silva’s band, This Mother Falcon.

Chicago is just a little over a week away from its first ever coordinated presence at South By Southwest. And while there’s no shortage of Chicago talent to be found at the music portion of SXSW (see the Chicago Made showcase for a strong showing of hometown acts), it’s worth noting that the annual Austin festival’s film and interactive portions boast their own share of Chicago names.


From Sunday, March 9th through Wednesday, March 12th, the Chicago Made SXSW Trade Show Booth will feature an array of meet and greets and performance sessions from Chicago interactive, film, and music talent and industry. Among them are Miles Benjaminand Brian Schopfel, both formerly of Eyes & Ears Entertainment, which recently folded intoThe Uprising Creative. The duo have extensive experience in innovative digital promotional campaigns for an expansive array of artists, and are both worth connecting with for their insights into the interactive and music industries.


Miles Benjamin SXSW


Also appearing at the trade show booth is Eric Sheinkop, CEO at music licensing powerhouse Music Dealers. Sheinkop recently co-authored the book Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World’s Smartest Brands, which explores the role of music in moving business forward. Another local music author, Martin Atkins, will also be holding court at the Chicago Made booth. Atkins, the Music Business Department Chair of SAE Chicago, is currently at work on his third book, Band:Smart, which follows in the vein of his comprehensive tour industry guide, Tour: Smart. And elsewhere, on the film side of things,Collin Shiffli and David Dastmalchian, director and writer, respectively, of SXSW 2014 film selection Animals, will also be visiting the trade booth. Animals follows a struggling couple who battle addiction while living in their car outside of the Lincoln Park Zoo.


Colin Shiffli


For a full schedule of the Chicago Made Trade Show Booth, check out


Photos: Eric Sheinkop, Miles Benjamin, Colin Shiffli