ChicagoMade Spotlight: Charles Adler – Co-Founder of Kickstarter

Entrepreneur, Designer and Co-Founder of Kickstarter , Charles Adler sat down with us ahead of SXSW on why he chooses to live and work in Chicago and what it means to be ChicagoMade.


A consummate nomad, Charles bounced from coast to coast to beyond our shores, and currently makes his home along the central coast in Chicagoland. His travels inform his work as a designer and entrepreneur. Previous to Kickstarter, Charles founded the web imprint Subsystence, originally in 1997 as an online streaming service for under represented DJ’s. In 2002 he revised Subsystence into a web periodical, with the expanded ambition to publish and give voice to under represented painters, photographers, musicians, interactive artists, poets and others.



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