Dynasty Podcasts at SXSW 2015 – Album 3

At SXSW 2015, Dynasty Podcasts host Jaime Black interviewed Chicago’s premier artists, industry makers and ambassadors, at locations across SXSW Interactive and Music.


What follows is a roll out of those interviews, with updates posting regularly. Find the #ChicagoMade SXSW 2015 interview album below. All interviews hosted by Jaime Black for #ChicagoMade via Choose Chicago, DCASE, and World Business Chicago,  and produced by Audrey Sutherland.


CVU372 – Michael Renaud (Pitchfork)

In an interview outside Mohawk on Red River, Pitchfork Media’s Michael Renaud delves into his role as creative director of the worldwide music brand. Renaud offers his thoughts on the site’s quarterly publication, The Pitchfork Review, explaining how the online brand approached long-form print journalism in a digital world. The SXSW panelist also spoke to Pitchfork’s Chicago roots, and why the city is home to the site’s annual summer festival.



CVU373 – Heather West (Western Publicity)

SXSW veteran Heather West makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut in an interview recorded at the Austin Convention Center, prior to her mentor session. The noted, now Chicago-based publicist reflects on her Austin roots, and reveals what SXSW was like in its earliest days. West also shares what’s she’s excited about in Chicago in 2015, and hints at new developments happening with this year’s Riot Fest.



CVU374 – JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound

JC Brooks and Jeremy Tromburg of The Uptown Sound and side project The K.I.D. reveal how changes in the former group have reenergized the band, while hinting at the direction of the latter project. The frontman also shares his thoughts on The Uptown Sound label Bloodshot Records, as well as the status of new Uptown Sound music on the horizon.



CVU375 – Xoe Wise

Chicago singer-songwriter Xoe Wise returns to Dynasty Podcasts to spill the latest on both her self-titled solo project, as well as her synth-pop Kinky Love outfit. Wise reveals details on her forthcoming Racecar Orgasm: Foreplay EP, as well as its in-the-works long-form companion, Racecar Orgasm.



CVU376 – Archie Powell & The Exports

Following up on his Riot Fest 2014 appearance, Archie Powell revisits the podcast with Ryan Export, to share what they love about SXSW. The duo also open up about the highs and lows of being in a band, as well as offering thoughts on new Exports music in the works.



CVU377 – Rebecca Brunner

Up-and-coming Chicago singer-songwriter Rebecca Brunner shares details about her musical upbringing, and how she knew she was headed towards singing from an early age. Brunner also weighs in on why right now is such a great time to be an artist in Chicago, and previews her ambitions for new music on the way.



CVU378 – Lili K.

Joined by her bandmates William Kurk, Matthew Skillz, and Myron Cherry, Chicago soul artist Lili K. visits Dynasty Podcasts barely an hour into her SXSW trip. The artist discusses her reasoning for going the DIY route as her own manager, with her band weighing in on the experience of making the group’s upcoming full length, Ruby.



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