Dynasty Podcasts at SXSW 2015 – Album 2

At SXSW 2015, Dynasty Podcasts host Jaime Black interviewed Chicago’s premier artists, industry makers and ambassadors, at the #ChicagoMade trade show booth and showcase, as well as at locations across SXSW Interactive and Music.


What follows is a roll out of those interviews, with updates posting regularly. Find the #ChicagoMade SXSW 2015 interview album below. All interviews hosted by Jaime Black for #ChicagoMade via Choose Chicago, DCASE, and World Business Chicago,  and produced by Audrey Sutherland.


CVU366 – ProbCause

Following his performance at the #ChicagoMade trade show booth, Chicago MC ProbCause shares his love for touring and performing in front of both new and returning audiences in other cities. The artist also names the acts he sees coming up in Chicago, and reveals details of his ZRO FOX collaboration with Psalm One.



CVU367 – Gemini Club

Prior to soundcheck at the #ChicagoMade SXSW showcase, Dynasty Podcasts regulars Gordon Bramli, Ryan Luciani, andDan Brunelle of Gemini Club (pictured above) return to the show following their Lollapalooza 2014 appearance. The trio open up about the latest behind the scenes action in the Gemini Club camp, from new music on deck to looking for the right deal to move forward with.



CVU368 – Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta

With only a few minutes to spare before their soundcheck at the #ChicagoMade showcase, the members of Dos Santos – Irekani Ferreyra, Alex Chavez, Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo, Jaime Garza, and Peter Maestro Vale – weigh in on the diverse sounds of Chicago’s music scene. The act also touches on their just-released full length, Dos Santos.



CVU369 – Twin Peaks

At the #ChicagoMade showcase, the Twin Peaks squad – Cadien, Connor, Clay, Jack, and Colin – reflect about life on the road, and how touring has become the new normal for the band. The group also reveals what they do when they have time off at home, and share their thoughts on graduating from the “baby band” label.



CVU370 – Mike Golden

Cross-genre Chicago singer-songwriter Mike Golden shares new details about the evolution of his musical identity, and the sound and focus of his newly-branded Golden project. The artist also gives a window for when new his new music is set to drop, and talks about the art of making bar and barbecue music.



CVU371 – Bernie Levv

Chicago talent Bernie Levv makes her Dynasty Podcasts debut, opening up about the intent and ambitions of her forthcoming full length, The Golden Hour. Levv also reflects on how Young Chicago Authors impacted her craft, and states why Chicago doesn’t have anything to prove to either of the coasts.



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