Dynasty Podcasts at SXSW 2015 – Album 4

At SXSW 2015, Dynasty Podcasts host Jaime Black interviewed Chicago’s premier artists, industry makers and ambassadors, at locations across SXSW Interactive and Music.


What follows the culmination of those interviews, with updates posting regularly. Find the #ChicagoMade SXSW 2015 interview album below. All interviews hosted by Jaime Black for #ChicagoMade via Choose Chicago, DCASE, and World Business Chicago,  and produced by Audrey Sutherland.


CVU379 – Towkio
Over a hotel breakfast at the start of the day, Towkio opens up about everything going on in his world, from his forthcoming .Wav Theory mixtape, to collaborations with Chicago electronic act Louis The Child. The MC also shares his thoughts on Chicago’s music scene coming up, and reps for his collaborators in SaveMoney.



CVU380 – Holt
In a hotel lobby midday interview, Chicago’s Nigel Holt opens up about the difference between his Holt and Hollywood Holt styles and projects, and how and why he separated the two. The artist also shares his thoughts about Chicago’s place and community in the larger musical conversation, weighing in on Glass Lux and Perfect Kiss, Fall Out Boy, Flosstradamus, and Kanye West.



CVU381 – Glass Lux
Alfonso Mayen, Emily Morse, and Leo Saucedo of Glass Lux reveal their experiences working with Holt on his new music, and share their excitement around the group’s upcoming Millennium Park show.



CVU382 – The O’My’s
In the midst of SXSW Music, Maceo Haymes of The O’My’s opens up about the anxiety and reward that comes with venturing into new cities on tour, delves into the group’s new Keeping The Faith EP, and recalls a life-changing car accident that helped move him and the band forward.



CVU383 – Khori⁴
Rapper Khori⁴ shares his experiences alternating between St. Louis and Chicago as a home base, and discusses some of the trials he’s gone through as an independent artist.



CVU384 – Rapper Chicks
The trio of Psalm One (a.k.a. Hologram Kizzie), Angel Davanport, and Fluffy connect with Dynasty Podcasts to discuss their goals in cultivating a creative community in Chicago. Each artist also shares details of their own individual projects, including Psalm and ProbCause‘s ZRO FOX project (more on that in Prob’s SXSW interview).



CVU385 – Genevieve
At the end of SXSW 2015, Genevieve checks in with Jaime Black to discuss all the recent changes in her life, from moving from Chicago to LA, to pursuing a brighter, more vibrant sound on her new Show Your Colors EP. The singer-songwriter also reveals what it’s like when she returns to perform in Chicago, and shares how she’s embracing her new-found creative freedom.



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